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Product Details

Whiskey Stones/Soapstone/Sipping Stones Series

Size: 20x20x20mm ( Standard Size)



        Dia 35/40mm (round)  

Color: Grey/ Dark grey/ Light grey/ Black/ Red/ Green/ Yellow ect

Material: Soapstone/Granite/Marble/Basalt et

Package: In velvet bag or in box+velvet bag (Can be customized)

Quality Control: All products checked by experienced QC and then pack;


Why choose the whiskey stone? 


These stones are ideal for drinking with high quality whiskey because they keep it at the perfect

sipping temperature (50 degrees), whereas ice cubes can make the whiskey to cold and ruin the

flavor.A handful of regular ice will take a drink to just under 40 degrees, and to deep freeze a

drink quickly, there is nothing better. However, some drinks you neither want to dilute not deep

freeze. Temperatures in the high 30s are far too cold for good whiskey. Reason being that the

wood oils in the whiskey, which have leeched into the liquid from the carefully selected cask it was

aged in and which carry all the flavor, tend to congeal and  “close down” the flavor of the drink

itself when the temperature goes below 50 degrees.The whiskey ice cube are specifically designed

to “take the edge off without diluting or closing down the flavor.”Specifically, 3 pcs whiskey ice

cubes in a glass containing 2-3 oz. will take the liquid temp from mid-70s (room temperature) to

the 50s. Not designed for use with a large volume of liquid.  Our whiskey ice cubes can be the talk

of your next party,buy it now to try a set out for yourself.


1.  Cools your favorite spirit with no diluting the flavors 

2. Whiskey stone can be recycled used. 

3.  Uniquely shaped so they do not easily roll down your glass 

4. The tumbled and smooth surface make it easy to be clean  


How to use it?

1. Rinse the stones

2. Place them in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

3. Add a couple to your glass of spirits.

4. Let stand for five minutes and enjoy it.

5. Flush the used stones and put back in the freezer  


Care: Rinse and air dry stones following every use, store stones in freezer for next time. Rinse thoroughly before first use.  


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